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Field updates are normally updated Monday between 12 pm and 5 pm. 

Welcome to the ICC update for the week of 6/17!  This message was updated 6/17/2019

Orange and Red Crews Orange and Red continue as a super crew in a new location! They are working on a trail re-route for the Salmon-Challis National Forest up on Big Hole Pass just north of Salmon, ID. The crews will be hiking in 3 miles to their campsite and worksite location and will receive full pack support from the forest service. They will be working on the legendary Continental Divide Trail and are so excited to contribute to the Idaho Conservation Corps legacy on this famous long-distance trail. This will be the first of many weeks of work on the CDT for us this year and the crews are very enthusiastic about the chance to do some trail work!.

Blue Crew Blue crew continues the great work they started up on the Clark Fork in the Panhandle last week and are really enjoying their time with the project partner. There have been several in depth education presentations in addition to our SEED curriculum and the crew is not only learning a lot about the dangers of invasive species but also are applying themselves directly to cause in this monumentally important conservation work.  The crew is in great spirits and have enjoyed the beautiful weather in a beautiful location.

Yellow Crew  Yellow crew will be working with our valued partners at Craters of the Moon in Eastern  Idaho in the first of a two week project! The crew will be working in collaboration with the National Park Service crew in fist the deconstruction of an outdated ADA to be able to pave the way for a new updated trail to be put into place to increase access for all populations to this incredible landmark. Yellow is enthused coming off their weekend site trip and can’t wait to get to work and apply themselves to a new project.

Brown Crew Brown crew achieved several milestones on their project with City of Rocks last week and are brining that sense of accomplishment into their third and final week of this project. Their trail buikding skills continue to grow and evolve in this challenging terrain and they are committed to finishing the new trail this week. The crew is coming off a refreshing weekend site visit with Yellow crew and are eager to get back to work and leave their lasting legacy on City of Rocks with this beautiful new trail.


Send Care Packages and Mail to Participants!

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